by Mr. Night Sky

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released February 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Blind Blind Tiger Seattle, Washington

Friends of Friends.

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Track Name: Bones
One more year
of breathing tar and smoke
into my degenerate lungs

One more poison
coursing through my veins
is in addition to the greater good

cause everyone I know
makes a pack of wolves
tryin' to get a taste of my blood

Hello doubt,
you're just in time
too keep a hopeful heart
from goin' blind

Goodnight love,
my favorite drug
you'll be gone before
the sun is up

Cause it's just my luck
to go all in
only to learn
the game
was always rigged

A smile cracks
across the devils' face
laughing cause he's already won

one more bullet tearing
through a brain
doesn't make much difference at all

Everyone I know
would be a murder of crows
fighting for what's left of the bones
Track Name: All By Myself
All by myself
no one around
nobody dragging me down

All by myself
strange as it seems
feels like a beautiful dream

I love every second baby
no one needs to come and save me
I've been feeling lucky lately
I think I can make it

All by myself
nothing to do
dreaming the whole evening through

all by myself
nothing to say
it's such a beautiful day

up in my room
nobody can see me
nothing can deceive me

up in my room
drawing pretty pictures
and dancing to my records

all by myself
laughing out loud
finding the shapes in the clouds

all by myself
singing a song
nobody singin along
Track Name: Mother Mary
Mother Mary,
I've been feelin' strange
cause I want all the credit
but I don't wanna take the blame

I'm not blind but I can't see
I'm not in a cage
but I'm a long way from free

Mother Mary,
Help me feel no fear
Soon I will be flying
out of here
First I've gotta watch all my dreams

and rummage through the ashes
for a lesson
to be learned

from the day I was born into this burning world
I've been wondering what I was
from the day I was born into this never-ending war
I've been searching for love and endin' up lost

Mother Mary,
Help me feel no pain
I'm beggin' for the will
to try again
There's always something in my way
I'm not crazy
but I'm a long way from sane
Track Name: Failed Dimension
Dead beat walking
with his head down
mumbles to his feet
I don't wanna be a flower
living in a world
without bees
Petals fall
to reveal his form
a dreamer dies
and a killer's born

now he's living
for the silver moonlight
flashing from his guns
towers of flame
burn blisters in his back
while he runs

bein' a stone cold killer is tough
but it's sure a lot easier
than being in love

with a young witch singin'
in Comanche moon rhythm
with the dirt
who says the world was built
for warriors and lovers
not for her

so every song becomes a wicked spell
the devil's not a friend
but she knows him

laughing to her blood-soaked lover
saying prayers to the sea
I guess he wants to be a writer
living in a world
without ink

prayin' for the endin' when it's just begun
screaming his curses to the morning sun
Track Name: There
It's a long way down
we're gonna hit the ground
that's the only thing for sure
so lets stay high
for just a little while
I ain't got no place to go
I'm breathing
for no reason

set your worries aside
for the time being
you can hold my hand
if you lie
for the time being

I'll still be there
when the summer turns to fall
I'll still be there
when there's no one else at all
I'll still be there
when you put the needle down
I'll still be there
when the records turning round

I'll be there when you come running back again
Track Name: Magic Penny
Walkin' down the street
found a magic penny
put it in my pocket
cause I don't find too many lately

Spent it on a dream
my dreams are always crazy
ever since I stopped expecting
someone else to come and save me

light another smoke
I'm so fucking lazy
when I'm all alone
I like pretending I'm a pretty lady

So what?

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